The State of SEO in Boston

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a broadly used term.  With the proliferation of former “marketing guru’s” currently out of work due to the down economy, there seems to be a glut of experts in the field with little to no qualifications or understanding of how the internet works. 

No place has this been more evident than in Massachusetts (specifically Boston proper).  I often come across these companies with a relatively small up front fee and monthly subscription cost, where the person working on your account is also the one selling it.  Small businesses, glad to be able to throw their hats in the online arena, gladly pay these online wizards to perform magic on their website to get found and increase their business.

Instead, what they find is an industry with no accountability, and little or no tangible results (largely because the person working on their account has done little to no work).  I usually explain the pitfalls of picking a traditional marketing person to do your SEO as this; “If they are selling accounts, they aren’t working on accounts.  If they aren’t working on accounts, they aren’t helping your web presence”.  Google, Yahoo, and Bing work on content and relevancy (by and large).  If you aren’t continuing to build quality links back to your site, additional pages, and content – you aren’t helping your overall web presence.

SEO can be a fairly simple process, anyone can do it.  I say this, in the same way that I could probably do some small electrical work around my home.  I can Google how to do electrical work, but it’s my home – I’m going to hire a professional.  Remember this when you meet with one of these former print experts who are trying their hand in the online arena.  If your business is how you feed your family, saving a couple of dollars isn’t always the best course of action.

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