The Secret to Optimizing Any Content

The secret to content optimization is simpler than you think – regardless of the topic or platform.

In today’s content-driven world of digital marketing it’s easy to lose sight of content’s true purpose:  to engage users, provide relevant information, and add value to a company or brand.  Many marketers get so wrapped up in “best SEO practices” and other technical aspects of content writing that they overlook the importance of getting the user’s interest.

The key to optimizing content is less a matter of metadata and keyword density and more an issue of building trust, value, authority, and awareness for your company. You can fulfill the marketing and technical needs of your content at once with a simple tip: focus on the user!

You’ve probably heard this a million times but a user-centric approach is the secret to perfectly optimized content every time. When you create content as a holistic experience that connects the business and user, the technical stuff works itself out naturally.

Here’s what you can do to make sure your content is user-centric:

  • Match content to user’s needs and intent
  • Create interesting, high-quality writing
  • Establish  authority
  • Produce calls-to-action
  • Create a sensory experience with videos, images, and sound

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