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The ROI of SEO: Is It Worth It For Your Business?

Many still wonder if investing in SEO is worth it for their business. Our answer is simple: yes, but be patient. SEO is a slow-moving machine that works to build long-term results for your company. This results in higher conversion rates and more leads. Without using SEO tactics properly, it can quickly negatively affect your business ranking on search engines. On-page and off-page optimization tactics are continuously changing and it is no longer simply posting quality content. Using SEO proper practices and avoiding anything that may result in search engine penalization is incredibly important. Keep reading below to learn about why and how SEO can improve the ranking of your business. 

Why SEO is important? 

In simple terms, SEO makes your business more visible on search engines which will increase traffic and conversions. SEO tactics can improve the traffic coming into your business and the credibility of your business among search engine crawlers. Having strong strategies in place for both your off-site and on-site presence will make it so that your business ranks in the top options of any search engine. 

SEO is a way to look at your competitors and where they are ranking, and rank higher. Using off- and on-page SEO tactics to outperform your competitors is a great way to utilize SEO. Remember, when it comes to using search engine optimization tactics do not get discouraged if you are seeing little progress. As stated above, using SEO tactics is for long-term results – it will a minimum of a month or two before seeing any real results. But in the long-term, utilizing proper SEO mechanisms for your business can bring in more leads, increase conversions and overall bring you more awareness and traffic. 

The ROI of SEO: Lead-Based vs. eCommerce 

The ROI (return on investment) of SEO is a slow process – this is a long-term investment rather than something to bring you immediate results. Google Analytics is a powerful tool used by SEO specialists to track and measure any SEO progress. Measuring monetary value with SEO is difficult and shouldn’t be a top priority when measuring the progress of your SEO updates. The most important part of measuring the ROI of SEO is to look at the amount of traffic, awareness, and conversions coming in. These are the measurements that will result in an increase in monetary value and leads for your lead-based or eCommerce business. 

It is important to recognize what type of business you are in – do you sell products or do you offer services? If you use SEO tactics that don’t align with your business model then it could be pointless to try implementing anything. For most eCommerce businesses, it is crucial to set up different tracking methods to learn where traffic is coming from. Tracking via google analytics will also allow you to see how many transactions have been made, your average order total, and where most people leave the website. This can be a great weapon for any eCommerce. Again, don’t get discouraged if little progress is seen in the first couple of weeks. 

Lead-based businesses are trickier to track because no real conversions are happening on the site – no transactions or purchases, rather just contact forms and call-to-actions. To track SEO progress properly for your lead-based business, you have to decide where the most actions are coming from on your site. Determining your business’s goals and what you believe will bring in the most revenue is a critical step in measuring the ROI of your SEO plan. 

Need SEO help? Contact Boston Web Marketing! 

Without help from an expert, using SEO and making sure the return on investment is worth it can be a difficult step to take. As stated earlier, if you don’t properly outline your business model and your goals before implementing any new tracking methods it can be pointless. We have a team of experts that are waiting to help you and your business learn about SEO and why it’s worth it!

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