The Rise Of The Zero-Click Search

A rising trend in the SEO industry right now is the “zero-click search.” This term is pretty straightforward and is exactly as it sounds; It simply means a query that results in users getting the answer to their search query without having to click anything on their phone or computer. It satisfies the search intent completely. Let’s learn more about zero-click searches, the user intent behind them, and how to master them as an SEO professional. 

Why Are They Important? 

They are essential for a multitude of reasons. They save users time and increase the user experience of google as a whole. If your article, blog, or website can give a user an answer without them having to leave Google’s SERP, then Google is going to reward you for that. Google’s job is to get the user the answer they are looking for in as few clicks as possible. 


Rich snippets allow you to display information from your article, website, or blog into Google’s SERP if the information is correct and other people find the content valuable. They will act similar to billboard ads, harder to track results but will, without a doubt, increase brand awareness for your business. Appearing in a featured snippet in a Google SERP is a significant achievement. That means that Google believes your content is more valuable to the user than any other on Google. A term for this is Position Zero. 

So Does SEO Still Matter?

100%, unequivocally yes. 90% of featured snippets are pulled from the first page of Google SERPs anyways. This means that to ever appear for zero-click searches, you must have high-quality content to be on Google’s first page. It without a doubt will improve authority for your website on that given topic. If you are trying to rank for a service, it’s still essential that the copy on your website is compelling enough to sell to users and that the UX/UI of your site doesn’t turn them away. Keeping zero-click searches at the top of your mind can help you outrank your competition and give yourself the competitive advantage needed. 

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