The Rise of Instagram Stories Over Snapchat

The latest data is in, and it’s stating that Instagram Stories are taking more of the market share than Snapchat’s. Although you might say “But Snapchat was first!” it’s clear that key influences are slowly preferring Instagram (8 out of 12 influences) for a number of reasons.

First, Instagram Stories provides more variety when it comes to available features. Although Snapchat has filters and stickers, Instagram provides these features as well as the ability to add external links.

Another reason why key influences are choosing Instagram Stories is because there’s a larger audience to engage with. As you may know, Facebook purchased Instagram awhile back and so far it’s been one of the best decisions the social media giant has made yet. With Facebook’s massive online audience, Instagram influences can easily tap into these users whenever they post a story.

How Instagram Can Help Your Business

When it comes to improving brand awareness and getting your message out to a wider audience, Instagram is an easier and much less expensive option. With Snapchat, you will need to pay to have a geofilter in place for a specific event. Depending on where you’re located, those filters can be expensive. Instagram is free and also allows companies to make a business account.

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