The Right Way to Use Backlinks

Many people may think the way to get your website the traffic and recognition it deserves is through building as many links as you possibly can. But is that really the way to do it? One of the goals for SEO is to get your website as high up on the search results for a certain keyword, and with that link building has been one of the ways to do it. Links can also be a way to drive traffic to your site and contribute to the authority of it as well. There is a lot more to SEO now that just linking keywords to your site using a few keywords that are relevant. You can still get some attention without a link. This may take more work but when you use certain tactics with the traditional way of link building, results can end up very effective.

Link Building Evolution

When SEO first came about, many marketers were taking advantage of link building and this lead to link buying and link farming. SEO professionals went crazy for links, which lead to link stuffing and an over-abundance of links into content. People were grabbing links that were not good quality. Quantity seemed to matter more than quality, which is the wrong way to do it. It worked for the search engines, but Google noticed. They came out with an algorithm that targeted pages with low-quality backlinks, or ones that were spammy. Sites that violated new guidelines were penalized and some were even dropped in the search results until they cleaned up their backlinks. Despite all this, links are still a fundamental part of an effective SEO strategy – but it doesn’t have to be your entire strategy.

What Else Besides Links?

As search engine algorithms evolve, so do your SEO strategies. The latest updates put an emphasis on high-quality content and better user experience. Google wants you to make users a priority. There are linkless ways to increase your website’s trust, visibility, and credibilities such as social media, influencer marketing, mentions, and reviews.

Social Media Interactions

Social media is almost mandatory for businesses to have. It can help you target certain audiences for better conversion rates and building a relationship with customers. Addressing each customer’s interaction on a more personal level will make that customer feel good and increase the likeliness of returned business.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing involves working with people that have a larger social media following or are a celebrity or well-known person in general. Online personalities are a big way to gain attention to a product or service your company provides. Potential customers are likely to trust someone well-known who is endorsing your company. So many people call themselves influencers these days. It is becoming a huge way of advertising.


When customers and other businesses positively mention your brand, it signifies that they were impressed with your product or service. When someone else sees the mention, they’ll be more likely to visit your website and learn more. Ways of mentioning companies and brands include Instagram stories, Snapchat stories, and through Facebook and Twitter mentions as well.


With so many options on the Internet these days, sometimes it’s hard to figure out what the best option is in terms of buying a product or which company to buy said product from. It can be very overwhelming for a consumer. That’s when reviews come in handy. Popular places to find and read reviews include Yelp and Google My Business. Although good reviews are what everyone wants to see for their company, sometimes a bad one or two won’t be the worst thing. Some customers can be wary of only great reviews. Responding to negative reviews is good for your business. It shows that you are trying to make the situation right and will help people view your brand with respect.

Changing the Ways of Links

Links are still a huge way of showing website credibility and trust, but now you know they aren’t the only way to rank higher. Voice search has changed the way that people use the Internet. Long-tail keywords are being used as well as complex phrases. Search engines understand this new trend and rank the websites that do more than just get links. It is still important to utilize high-quality backlinks, but the attention from just them alone can wear off faster than you think.

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