The Quality Update: Google Shakes Up Ranking Results

Earlier this month Google’s result rankings has been changed due to its new assessment of content quality. The quality update was also dubbed as the “phantom update” since Google wasn’t acknowledging to anyone that there was a change occurring until this week. Turns out it wasn’t due to a Panda or Penguin update that this change was occurring but was due to an update to its core ranking algorithm on how it processes quality signals. Google has not expressed how quality is now assessed in details but they are still ranking sites and pages on a range of factors but could be weighing individual factors more so than others. The quality update was not to expel a particular class of sites or to go after certain sites, it was just an update to the overall core of the ranking algorithm. To improve your quality on your pages so your ranking isn’t affected, it would be helpful to review what Google considers high quality sites and content on their Webmaster Central Blog. Even though there might not be specific details as to how the quality update changes the rankings now, it is best to pay attention to building quality content on your website and generating organic traffic to your target audiences.

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