The Pros & Cons On Advertising On LinkedIn

If you already have a PPC campaign or are thinking about starting one, it probably is on Google Ads. As the largest ad platform with an endless amount of reach spread throughout the internet, it is an obvious option for many business owners. Facebook Ads is also rapidly rising in popularity, thanks to its massive amount of data that allows for very specific targeting and impressive ROI. But there is one advertising platform that simply doesn’t get as much consideration as it should, and that is LinkedIn ads. Like any platform, it has its ups and downs when it comes to advertising, however, that’s no reason for you to disregard it entirely. Here are 4 reasons why you should & shouldn’t consider advertising on LinkedIn.

Pro: Specific Audience

Yes, Google and Facebook have larger numbers and bigger varieties of people, and that is precisely why they are the most common options. But this can also be a disadvantage, as these platforms are diluted by the sheer quantity of potential consumers that can make it difficult to reach certain hard-to-reach groups, such as business owners and professionals. LinkedIn has a major advantage in this regard, as it is the definitive platform for such people to congregate.

Better yet, unlike other platforms, many users are on there with an active intent to network, offer services, and follow industry news. This makes them a much more receptive audience as it is in a professional setting.

Pro: Professional Profile

Targeting audiences for other advertising platforms can be spotty when it comes to the amount of information provided. Google gives you little capability beyond basic demographics and location selection, and Facebook, while offering plenty of information on interests and user activity, often either lacks or has inaccurate information when it comes to targeting people’s professional traits.

For this, LinkedIn beats everyone else in spades. Not only is there comprehensive, accurate professional content on pretty much everyone on the platform, but you are able to target specific traits of these applicants that may align closer to the service/product you offer.

LinkedIn allows you to target by:

  • Skill sets(eg. different languages, coding, different kinds of software, etc.)
  • Degree(Bachelors, Masters)
  • Industry(Marketing, Finance, Law)
  • Company size & name(Ideal for those who have services that target small/large businesses exclusively)
  • Job title
  • Job function(Good for targeting specific aspects of a job)
  • And more.

Con: Higher Advertising Costs

Advertising costs will typically depend on how competitive the industry is, however in the case of LinkedIn, costs are generally higher. For example in a more competitive scene like higher education, at least $100 is needed in order to generate a significant return to your product page, microsite or lead form. The minimum daily spend needed to start a campaign is $10 a day, compared to Google where as little as $1 a day can be spent. However, because of the specific nature of the target market available to you, your ROI may be higher than other platforms if you run your campaign well.

Con: May Not Be Applicable To Your Business

LinkedIn is perfect for targeting businesses and otherwise hard to reach professionals, making it ideal for those who operate in corporate services and law, as well as certain types of software, equipment, subscriptions and more. It, however, would not be applicable to the likes for consumer-focused businesses like a clothing brand or a massage parlor. Such businesses are more ideal for the likes of Facebook Ads, where people are more likely to visit in their leisure time. However, Google Ads tend to be a good option for either of them, so if you want some assistance with setting that up, we have experts that can certainly arrange that.

Overall, LinkedIn ultimately is a great advertising platform to those it is applicable to and is a tool that if used wisely, can bring in quality leads that have a higher chance of turning into revenue than others. However, because of its limited application, it is in most cases better to view it as a supplementary advertising channel rather than a main one, with Google and Facebook being a foundational anchor for everything. If you feel like you need help with your PPC strategy, our team of experts over at Boston Web Marketing can help. We offer the best in Google & Facebook Ad management, as well as have SEO specialists that help ensure that your site ranks well, bringing in free traffic from search engines. If you feel like you could benefit from our expertise, contact us at 857-526-0096, or fill out our online contact form. We’d love to work with you!

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