The Power of Voice Search

Voice search is incredibly new and incredibly powerful. It is when you speak into your phone or device and it answers you and comes up with answers. This is becoming more and more popular in the past few years, but why?

The Rise in Home Devices

The rise of home devices, such as smart appliances, all the way to Google Minis, has created a surge in voice search. Instead of typing in a query, people now only have to speak and they are all set with their answer.

How Do People Search?

If we are talking about how people ACTUALLY voice search, it is simply by speaking into a phone or other device. If we break down the aspects of this searching style, we would find the results would come up with the following:


The search engine results pages are always rated by the most relevant items. Relevance is key, and that is why content is so important when it comes to your website. This being said, Keywords can help you to rank for these types of queries.

Similarly, the Hummingbird algorithm is also important to remember when we think of voice search. This is because it ranks FAQ blogs differently than it did before. When a person is speaking into a phone, they will most likely be asking it a question, and speaking in the tone of a question, meaning if you have a perfectly matching blog, you could come up first for that long-tail keyword.


If we are speaking about rankings, we will see that the more popular the company is, the more that they will most likely come up. This is similar to what we will be seeing next in the ratings, but it is more in relation to the volume of the popularity, instead of the “quality” (good reviews, etc).


Similar to the popularity aspect of a search, the ratings are also important. If there are many bad reviews, it will not show up as much as a company with many great reviews.

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