The Power of Social Media Management Platforms

Keeping up with everyone on social media can be exhausting and time-consuming. Especially as a business owner, you have to be active and keep your presence well-known in one or more social media channels, if not all of them. Besides having to create a social media content calendar, you have to set up a time and a day to actually post those posts on your channels. Hence, why we strongly encourage people to use social media management platforms.


A great thing about social media management platforms is the convenience that it offers to its users. Hootsuite, a great example for a social media management platform, enables the user to link two or more social media accounts (depending on the type of account) to its platform where the user can create, edit, and post at the same time. The user can monitor all these accounts to keep up with what is trending, review responses, and interact with your customers. This is a great platform to have especially if you have two or more social media accounts. One of the most useful functions is the scheduling of posts. If you have a social media content calendar that you can follow, Hootsuite will make your life easier as you can schedule all your social media posts in one sitting. That means never having to worry about those posts for the rest of the month because they are already scheduled to go out on a specific day and time.


Social media management platforms are awesome, but you know what is even more awesome? It is the power to utilize these platforms in all your devices. Most of us are always on the go, which is why it is important to be able to manage your work across different workspaces. Hootsuite allows you to bring your work with you on your smartphones or tablets. This is a great feature especially if you will be managing your social media channels with other people from your team as well. Social media management platforms are so convenient that it allows you to not only connect with your customers but also the people you work with.

At Boston Web Marketing, we believe in working smarter and more efficient, which is why we always work with social media management platforms, such as Hootsuite. Platforms such as Hootsuite can be a powerful tool if used correctly. With the utilization of such platforms, we are able to produce more high-quality results.

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