The Power of Facebook for Your Business

In case there is still any doubt about whether having a Facebook page can be beneficial for your business, here is an interesting fact:  50% of consumers actually value a business’s Facebook page more than they do your website!

Lab42, a marketing research company, surveyed 1,000 social media users about how they interact with a  business through their Facebook page and users are viewing them to be more important than ever.  Most respondents (82%) say that Facebook is a great way to interact and a full 77% say that through brand Facebook pages, they have been able to save some money.

Here are some interesting statistics:

  • 82% of respondents say that Facebook is a good way to interact with a business
  • 75% say the feel more connected to the brand using Facebook
  • 69% will like a brand because a friend does
  • 50% say the Facebook page is more useful the website
  • 35% believe that they are listened to more through Facebook

Of course, you have to get these folks to “LIKE” you first.  So what are the incentives that do that?  Respondents like promotions, discounts and giveaways.  They also tend to like brands that they already trust and those that they tend to do business with.

Sometimes they may really want to like you but just can’t.  22% of those surveyed say that they are too embarrassed to “LIKE” a page.  So if you sell adult novelties, diet products or health and wellness items, you may miss some potential “friends.”   Of course, they say that if Facebook would allow them to hide the fact that they like you, they would be more tempted to do so.

Those who do not like to “like” brands have their reasons too.  Cluttered newsfeeds, privacy issues and a desire to only post thing relevant to their lives factor into their decisions.

While most of this is good news, also remember that folks have no qualms either about not liking you any longer!  Top reasons for unliking you are when you post too often, the customer’s taste changes or when they have a bad experience with you or your product.

-Don MacMelville

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