The never-ending question: When Will I Start to See Results?

Rome wasn’t built over night, which means neither will the results of a properly optimized website. There are a few different factors that will determine how quickly (or slowly) your results will come.

This includes:

  • Content
    • The quality of your content
    • How much content is created
    • How your audience relates to your content (Are you a landscaper promoting lawn mowing services in Winter? Maybe we can try something more relatable to Winter such as snow removal?)
  • Your Domain
    • Does your domain coincide with your business? Are you a local Plumber with a URL that says “Hi, I’m a Plumber and thats exactly what I do” and not something might confuse your audience?
  • Large Site vs. Small site
    • A large website could possibly see results in a couple of days if a search engines is crawling their site regularly.
    • Smaller websites will most likely take longer because they get crawled less frequently.

Advice from an SEO Specialist: Give it time. Before you go and change your entire strategy because of lack of results within a day, try waiting a few weeks or closer to a month – and then go back to the drawing board.

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