The Most Underrated SEO Strategies

In addition to following best practices, there is always value in trying new ideas and taking new approaches to your website’s SEO. Today, most companies realize that organic search is valuable, but many just silo themselves into following best practices and never trying anything new. Google and search overall is always updating and evolving, so your ideas and strategy should be agile as well. Especially if you’re in a competitive or emerging industry, experimentation can be a tool to give yourself an advantage over your competitors. Along with experimentations, utilizing some underrated or lesser-used strategies can help you achieve an edge over the competition. 

Update Existing Content

Typically, when most SEOs think of content, they think of creation, creation, creation. Content creation is great but can be time-consuming to produce new ideas that will provide value to your website. It’s crucial to take a look at how your website’s existing content is performing and gather insights from that. Applying data and learnings to your content strategy will often lead to opportunities to update the existing content that you have on your site. Content that’s existing on your site contains valuable, relevant keywords to you, so refreshing it with updates to include relevant trends, remove outdated information will revive the page in terms of SEO value. Without updates, the value of pages on your website can decay and negatively impact your SEO, updating content not only provides a boost but makes sure you don’t lose your existing rankings. 

Improve Internal Linking

The purpose of internal links is to connect content that is within your website. It also helps gives your site structure for both readers and search engines. The internal linking strategy for every website should be different based on the type of business. You’ll first want to crawl your entire site and find opportunities to add relevant backlinks that help Google and users find the important information that they’re looking for. 


Important for businesses of all kinds, branding will help your company become a fixture in the minds of consumers. A trusted brand will receive more clicks on their website; this is one of the many places where your business’s online and offline presence are intertwined. If a user recognizes your company, it’s more likely that they’ll click on your site from a SERP than your competitors. More users recognizing your brand and clicking signals to Google that your company is an authority in your industry and will result in your rankings increasing.

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