The Most Important Factors Influencing Click-Through Rate

The main goal of any SEO plan is to make your website more visible. However, even if your website is ranking on the first page, front and center, that doesn’t mean that users are guaranteed to click on your site. In fact, sometimes making yourself visible is only half the battle! If you’re trying to improve your site’s click-through rate, take a look at our blog to learn which factors are most likely to improve it!

Factors With the Largest Impact on Click-Through Rate

When you’re trying to improve your site’s click-through rate, it can often be difficult to pinpoint exactly which factors have the greatest impact on your site’s likelihood to be chosen. However, Ignite Visibility recently conducted a study to determine what had the greatest impact on site click-through rate by asking 500 respondents between 25 and 60 years old. Here’s what the study revealed:

Meta Descriptions

A whopping 63% of respondents said that the meta description on a site had the largest impact on their likelihood to click on the site. This means that not only are meta descriptions one of the single most important factors for ranking your website, they also heavily influence the users who see your website in the SERP’s when trying to decide which site to click on.

Brand Name

The next most important factor in terms of click-through rate is the brand of the company. Users are more likely to choose a brand that they already know, and to further solidify that point, 55% of users said that they’re more likely to click on a brand that they recognize in the SERP’s.


Finally, 13% of users said that the title is the most important ranking factor. This is the least likely factor to cause a user to click but it is important to note that roughly 1 in 8 users consider the page title to be the principal factor in choosing a result in the SERP’s.

What Effect Do Ads Have On Users?

Finally, the study concluded with another interesting question for users. They decided to ask how users felt about having more ads on the SERP’s. Two-thirds of the participants said that adding more advertisements to the SERP’s would make them less likely to use Google. However, this is in direct conflict with a study that came out in January 2019 stating that 75% of respondents said ads make it easier to find relevant results!

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