The Most Helpful Google Search Console Tools

Finding the right digital tools to help you with your SEO strategy can save you a lot of time and heartache in the long run. Google has a ton of resources to help you along your digital journey, but one of the best tools they offer is Google Search Console. GSC helps business owners and agencies review essential performance data and communicate directly with the search engine so your web pages will be properly crawled and indexed. 

Eliminating web page errors and optimizing your site for indexing is a crucial part of getting found, and GSC makes it much easier to track these errors and send Google regular updates about new web pages or resolved indexing issues. Together, we’ll review some key ways you can utilize GSC to rank higher on SERPs and get your business the results you’ve been looking for.

XML Sitemap Submission

One of the first things you should do when using GSC is submitting your business’s XML sitemap. This task should be done upon GSC setup and everytime you add a new web page to your site. An XML sitemap is a digital binder of all the web pages on your site. When submitting this to Google Search Console, it allows the search engine to crawl and index each page, exploring them for relevance and increasing your chances of getting found for particular search queries. 

Queries as Keyword Research Tool

Sometimes keyword research can prove a bit difficult, but with Google Search Console, you have a 100% free keyword research tool at your disposal. Under the Performance tab there is a subsection called “Queries”, located directly below the data chart.You’ll view how many clicks and impressions these queries received, helping you identify which search terms will generate the most traffic to your site. You can view top queries that your target audience is currently searching for on Google. This allows you to update your site’s metadata accordingly, along with finding the best keywords to incorporate into your content each week.

Indexing Tracking and Reports

It is important to know which pages on your site have been properly indexed and which have errors you must address. With GSC, you’ll have detailed coverage of indexed web pages, along with data referencing which pages have not been indexed due to 404 errors, redirects, or other common issues. Once these issues are fixed, you can have GSC validate the page, which will allow the search engine to review these changes and approve them for indexing.

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