The Most Common Black Hat SEO Practices


Keyword Stuffing

Google’s latest algorithms attempt to distinguish and penalize for duplicate content within the on-the-page and off-the-page text. It’s still a common practice to stuff pages and articles with as many of the same repeating keywords as possible. The best recommendation, in this case, would be to reevaluate the quality of the written content and create something that the users want to read. This advice applies to page titles and meta descriptions as well, as it’s usually the first thing your organic visitors see.


Unrelated Keywords

Considering the growing importance of user experience, Google is likely to de-rank a website if you abuse the keywords that have nothing to do with the content. Increasingly high bounce rate will give you an idea that a user isn’t satisfied with the content or failed to find what they were looking for on your landing page. 


Invisible Text

This is a black hat SEO practice designed to trick the spider and prevent it from crawling the entire content of a poorly-written web page. The users will be able to see the text if they highlight it, but it usually is a keyword-stuffed text without any particular value. Same is applied to using a <noscript> tag when it isn’t appropriate.




Blog & Comment Spam

Adding garbled text to your blog copy or the comments, trying to increase the number of inbound links is a foul practice. Nobody would be interested in reading a spammy blog.


Pingback Spamming

There’s black hat software which would regularly ping a variety of servers, sending the update alerts. Some of these servers would receive several pings a minute and would eventually flag your website.


Social Networking Spamming

Sending private messages to get the receiver to click on the link is also considered a black hat SEO. Often these messages get reported for phishing attempts.




Link Farms

A backlink from a thin-contented, link-stuffed website provides no real value in the eyes of Google. The risk to get banned is pretty high, which is why if you’re trying to remove your listing from a shady website, it’s important to remember to disallow them in order to rank higher.


Fake Reviews

Don’t buy or sell reviews, referral sites are incredibly important to businesses. If you’re missing out on good reviews, make sure to train your customer service department and perform an outstanding service. If you do your job well, good reviews will come in no time.


Doorway Pages

These endless links from page to page attract and trick spiders. The crawlers keep indexing the pages that are in reality just a spammy content. Cloaking is also a form of doorway technique.

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