The Interest in Pinterest Continues!

I want to stop talking about Pinterest, but I guess I can’t.  The exceedingly popular social site keeps getting more and more attention and as a result is generating more and more studies about its use and effectiveness.

Do you want to get the most exposure for your product or service from Pinterest users?  Well, a recent study by EyeTrackShop took a look at how users experience Pinterest and it provides some interesting tips you may want to apply to your own board.

600 users were tracked via webcam while reviewing brand and category pages on Pinterest and they discovered some definite patterns.   Items “pinned” at the top were the most-viewed items on the boards.  Additionally, items showing faces attracted a higher level of attention over just product pictures and while your profile information gets a lot of attention on Facebook, it may not get as much notice on Pinterest.   The profile information of the top of a brand page received the same or less interest as the top-pinned items and on average, the top-pinned items were viewed first.

Brand pages are just a popular as category pages are.  Users were slightly more inclined to repin things, tell friends about or recommend brand pages.  They also felt that brand pages had good advice and could be inspiring.

One more interesting finding: people tended to like a brand better after viewing it Pinterest page.  The users said that the pages often improved their opinion of the brand and that they would be more likely to make a brand purchase.

So, if you are using Pinterest as a part of your marketing plan, pay attention.  How you position things both photographically and physically on your board can make a big difference.


-Don MacMelville


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