The Integration Of Google Analytics & Google Search Console

Google has announced today, that the Google Search Console is now deeply integrated within Google Analytic’s. Throughout the past few years, search console has only been able to link an isolated amount of statistic in Analytics. To gain a better understanding of how your website was showing up in organic search, people had to log into Google Webmasters.

This new update allows you to see acquisition, behavior, and conversion metrics for organic traffic. Out of this data, we were only able to see acquisition in old search reports from Analytics.

Google Search Console in Google Analytics

This new search console section in Analytics has four sections which includes landing pages, countries, devices and queries. Each new report section will show how your organic traffic performs when measured with these dimensions.

This complete feature will be rolled out to users over the next few weeks, so continue to check back in Analytics. The same search queries available in Search Console are available in Google Analytic’s today!

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