Is a Website’s Graphic Design Important?

Some business owners tend to overlook and underestimate the importance of the graphic design of their website. When is the last time you took the time and sat down to take a deep look at your own website? The idea is to put yourself in the customer’s shoes. Is this a site you would purchase something from or inquire about services? Does this site look professional enough to give your contact information to, or even your credit card information? Don’t overlook your website, as you could be overlooking a large chunk of potential customers.

The Impact of Website Design

Many small businesses will spend the money on marketing, PR, and Pay-Per-Click campaigns, but if your website doesn’t look good enough to keep the potential customers on your site, what is the point of spending the money on marketing? Some may think that it is a small percentage of the business they are losing out on, but The Stanford Web Credibility Project found that 47% of web users base purchase decisions on the look and feel of the website. If you were told you could nearly double your sales by investing in a top of the line website and a top of the line graphic designer, would you make the investment? Common sense tells us, you would.

Design Your Site to “Convert” Users

Studies have shown users have an “8-second window” where the customer is able to gather enough information about the website and company to make an informed decision to stay on the page or leave it. Even if you offer the product at a cheaper price, if your site is not visually appealing, customers will pay more for the same product at a different site because they will feel a certain level of trustworthiness from a more professional website. A great indicator of if your site is visually pleasing enough would be the bounce rate found in your Google Analytics data. A high bounce rate means customers are leaving your site for another, and the means it’s time for some changes to your site.

Professional Website Design Services vs ‘Easy-to-Use’ Site Building Tools

The solution is simple, and the return on investment will likely pay off in a matter of weeks. Find an experienced website design specialist to tackle the aesthetics of your website. Ask them for examples of previous work that they have done and see for yourself if you enjoy the sites they have built of enhanced. You want to make sure you work hand in hand with this designer so that they know what is important to you and your business and which parts of your site should “jump” off the page.

Many hosting providers like GoDaddy, Squarespace, or Wix, provide relatively easy to use web building tools. While these sites look visually appealing they generally do not perform well in search engines due to many SEO features being hidden or only accessible via custom CSS or HTML. If you have opted to use one of these services through your hosting provider, Boston Web Marketing can assist you with Search Engine Optimization services as well.

Boston Web Marketing: Web Design Services for any industry

Not only does Boston Web Marketing have the power and skills to get your website found on the internet, but we also have an experienced group of web designers and graphic designers that have the ability to make your site stand out from the rest to help close the sale. Contact Boston Web Marketing today for all of your SEO and Website needs!

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