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The Importance Of Web Hosting For SEO

Investing in good web hosting will not bring your website to the top of the search results page, but it will increase your website’s speed and overall performance. Website performance is a critical element that Google and other search engines use to rank your website. The positive performance of your website can improve your rankings, traffic, and conversions. 

What Is Website Hosting?

A website hosting provider is a service that provides the required technology for a website to be seen online. The web host acts as your website’s home base, storing all your web pages on special computers called servers. When investing in developing your website, website hosting often becomes an afterthought. If you are willing to invest in an attractive website to drive traffic, why not also ensure your website is fast, functional, and flexible. The quality of your website’s hosting will maximize your conversions as users will enjoy your website’s speed, location, and security.

Features From Hosting Providers

While we now know what a website host is, we also need to discover the additional features of most web hosting platforms. Web hosts offer many services to help create a hassle-free experience for the business owner and allow them to put more time and energy into their business rather than worrying about the small details of running and updating a website.

Some features a good web host provides include, but are not limited to, access to email accounts that require users to create their domain name, and FTP access which allows you to upload files from your local computer to the web server. A good web host also gives the owner access to WordPress support, a convenient way to create and manage your website, and enhanced security that most hosting providers now provide with their hosting services. You can expect these features from some of the most popular web hosts, such as GoDaddy, Google Cloud Platform, and WP Engine.

The Impact Of Good Web Hosting On SEO

When Google analyzes your website, they want to deliver users the best possible results. While Google looks at several factors to ensure the user will have a positive experience on your website, most of them can come from having a trustworthy web hosting provider. Web hosting is vital for SEO and user experience: speed, location, and security are looked at for a good web host’s impact on SEO.

Speed Of Your Site

The speed of your website is extremely important for SEO. A slow and cheap host will result in a slow website which leads to poor performance, rankings, and low organic traffic. Investing in a quality web host is the key to high website speed and decreasing the load time of your pages. When thinking about speed, think about revenue. Fast-acting websites will lead to higher revenue as no user wants to wait longer than two seconds for their results. Metrics such as LCP (Largest Contentful Paint), FID (First Input Delay), and CLS (Cumulative Layout Shift) will help you analyze different factors that determine the speed of your website as various users interact with it. 


Location is another impending factor in good SEO for your website. Google and other search engines look at location-based signals when searching for results. Practical questions to review are; where is the user, where is the business, and where is the site located. These questions help determine how far the data must travel and its speed. For example, if you are located within the US, you want your web hosting to be in the US. A cheap web host could put you at risk of not being located in the same country or location as your business. Poor location in a web host can negatively impact your website’s SEO and rankings. 


A strong security system for your website will positively impact your rankings and prevent issues from hackers, spam pages, and fake backlinks. These detrimental issues can harm your rankings on Google. A sound security system prevents your website from getting infected with malware which could lead to your website showing a security warning or getting blacklisted. These results would prevent users from trusting your website and damage your reputation. Invest in a trusted web hosting provider to protect your reputation and SEO efforts.

Which Web Hosting Should You Use?

Consider the following factors when trying to find a new web hosting provider or switching from your current provider. A reliable web hosting provider will have a positive reputation among their clients and companies, look at the length of the web hosts’ experience, and search for a web host with security measures such as SSL (Secure Sockets Layer). At Boston Web Marketing, we love helping new and current clients find their ideal web hosting provider. Call us today at (857) 526-0096  and ask our digital marketing experts which web host we encourage you to use!

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