The Importance of Web Design & SEO Management

If you know a thing or two about SEO or web design, then you know they are incredibly important aspects of your website. These two elements need to work in conjunction instead of against each other to be successful. A proper website design will give any website a head start when it comes to ranking higher on Search engines and other SEO goals, which means it’s important to understand how relevant it is to have an optimized website to increase the chances of success and growth for any business. This blog will cover a few elements of what to look for when designing a new website.

Focus on Site Speed

When it comes to optimizing a website, an often overlooked aspect is website speed. With recent changes to Google over the years, a fast loading speed has become an important ranking factor that can influence where you show up in search results. If you find that your website is ranking poorly in the search results, you’ll want to look at your site speed to determine if that could be hindering your site’s ability to show up higher. There are a variety of different methods that can help speed your site up, including upgrading your hosting, compressing images, and more. Need a rundown on site speed and how it can benefit your site?

Sitemaps Get Your Site Crawled

Once the website is up and running, it is important to implement a sitemap on the backend to help bots and crawlers dive through the site for information. If the website is run on WordPress, implementing a sitemap is as easy as installing a plugin and submitting it to Search Console. Once your sitemap has been created, you’ll need to submit it to Google Search Console to be indexed and crawled faster, in order to help improve your search results. When you update pages, Google will crawl the site and update your sitemap accordingly!

Take Advantage of a User-friendly CMS for Web Design

Whether you or a professional manages the website, it is important to implement a back end that will not only ensure the site runs smooth but also allows users of various skill levels to resolve an issue. While there are a variety of platforms out there that may meet a user’s needs better than the other, WordPress is among one of the most user-friendly content management systems on the market. Learn more about Content Management Systems Here!

Improving Your Business’s Online Presence

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