The Importance of Visual Content in 2016

The trend of visual content is sky rocketing upward and it has the PR industry talking. WordStream founder, Larry Kim, shared some compelling statistics regarding visual content in a recent inc article. The most eye opening statistics that I grabbed from this article is that 81% of people only skim through the content of which they read and 85% of people are more likely to buy a product if there is a product video.

Consumers really just prefer a show-and-tell approach of storytelling over just having text. It is important to leverage and incorporate video content within PR as a driving force rather than just a complement to the overall story. A text story allows a consumer to develop their own interpretation, while visual content allows you to control this. Visual content offers a meaningful, and compelling engagement that text doesn’t.

Seeing is believing! Whether it be photos, videos, data visualization or infographics, be sure that you are using visual content.

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