The Importance of UX/UI For Conversion Rate

Every company wants to maximize digital conversions. Whether these are measured in phone calls, contact forms, or clicks on ads, conversions are generally the thermometer of online business. SEO best practices including managing listings, generating content, and updating metadata based on keyword research. But even following all of these SEO practices for the benefit of search engine ranking and showing high on SERPs does not always lead to conversions. In situations where you see an increase in web traffic without an increase in conversions (or a lowered conversion rate), you need to consider your UI/UX. 

Defining User Experience (UX) and the User Interface (UI)

UX (user experience) refers to the full experience that a user will have with your website. UX contains topics like content strategy, wireframes of your website and execution. Meanwhile, UI (user interface) refers to the specific modules your consumer will interact with. This includes the look and feel of a website as well as the responsiveness and interactivity.  

Best User Experience SEO Practices

First impressions matter. Anyone in sales or marketing knows the importance of the first impression. If customers come to your location, it is vital that your lobby articulates the right first impression about your business. In the same vein, your above the fold area of your website needs to represent your business. Older outdated websites can make consumers feel like your business is unprofessional. Staying up to date on website design trends while offering a unique spin on them is the best practice to lower the bounce rate and increase conversion rate. Showcase your products above the fold or your mission statement. And, make sure to have interactive calls to action present at the top of the website.

Best User Interface SEO Practices

When thinking about your UI you should always consider website speed and interactivity. You want your website to load quickly, especially on mobile. Additionally, consider what is interactive on your site. Do you have a contact form, request appointment form, or make a reservation form? If yes, consider the experience, does it work, and could it improved. If not, why not add them. Many WordPress plug-ins provide a stronger interactive experience that can help customers learn about your business, browse products, or get answers to their questions. Chatbots can improve how users get information and raise your conversion rate. Be aware of negatively impacting interactive features as well. Some pop-ups can actually decrease user engagement due to them seeming spammy. Too many contact forms or calls to action cluttering up your content can also negatively impact a user’s experience. Look at similar websites to your industry or field to get a sense of what works and what doesn’t. Also, consider larger brands and their website UI/UX design.

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