The Importance of Title Tags in SEO

When it comes to writing content for your website, it’s important to have a title that is relevant to the post, relevant to what your company does, and easy for the user to search for and understand.  The title is a determining factor for how your website appears in search engines and if a user visits your site.

Title tags are what appears between <title> and </title> in your blog’s templates.  The title shows up at the top of your browser when viewing a page and it comes up in the search engine results page as the title of your post.  Title tags are used to tell search engines and users about the content on your site in a concise way.

Title tags are important because it is the most obvious element in a search result and the major part of a user clicking on your website.  The more unique the title and the closer the title tag is to a user’s query, the higher it will rank in search results.

Checklist for writing a good title tag

  • Use no more than 60 characters
  • Use keywords relevant to the post and include company name
  • Write for the user, using clear and legible language
  • Make your post’s headline different from the title tag


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