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The Importance of the “About Us” Page

These days, there is a good chance that the first time consumers are being introduced to your business is online. Before ever seeing a storefront or office and talking to your staff, they are visiting your website. That being said, it is now more critical than ever for your website to act as your company’s first impression to consumers. When consumers visit your website with no prior knowledge of who you are or your products and services, it is up to the content on your website to tell them. That is why it could be considered crucial for you to have a stellar “About Us” page. Read along as we discuss more of why it is now imperative for your website to have an “About Us” page.

Tells Your Story

When visitors go onto your “About Us” page, it means they are genuinely curious and are looking to learn more about who you are and what you do; so tell them! Give them your business story; when did you realize you were so passionate about what you do? When did you turn that passion into a business? Go into details about the trials and tribulations that got your business here. Your story could persuade consumers to choose your business over another!

Introduces Your Team

We have seen a trend within consumers that they want to know as much about a business or company as they can before deciding where to spend their money. Introducing your team to consumers on your “About Us” page can bring them a feeling of comfort and trust. They see the people they will be working with, with their own eyes and even learning fun facts about them and their skillset and experience. 

Tells Consumers Why They Should Choose You

At the end of the day, your “About Us” page should be an opportunity to bolster your accomplishments, staff, experience, and passion for your business. Go into detail about why your product is more high-quality than the others. Tell them why the decades of experience between your team ensures that you are getting trustworthy services. When a consumer leaves this page, your goal is that they have been convinced that your products and/or services and company as a whole are better than your competitors. 

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