The Importance of Rich Snippets

Rich snippets provides the user with more information about what they are searching for. When users glance at a snippet, they can see information about what the website will be, prior to clicking on the link. Rich snippets are generated from a particular portion of your webpage, letting you choose what you would like to be visible to potential searchers.

Google incorporates rich snippets into various pieces of content, including:

  • Information on people & businesses
  • Recipes & reviews on products
  • Events & Music
  • Video content

Can I Optimize My Rich Snippets?

Rich snippets can be optimized by structuring your data so it is easier for the search engine to read. Follow the three steps below to create successful rich snippet content.

1. Use Microdata

By incorporating micro data as your format, you are essentially labeling a specific type of information which then describes a specific item. Microdata allows the HTML tags to incorporate descriptive names to properties.

2. Apply Your Markup

All supported content types are now ready to be formatted with markup.

3. Testing

Coding errors do happen on occasion so it is quite important to test your work. Make use of the free Google structure data testing tool to view a preview of your URL, as it would appear in the SERPs.

Snippets have made a huge advancement in the SEO world, allowing Google to analyze and organize abstract information.

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