The Importance of Refreshing Content for SEO

All companies, big or small, need to be accessible online in order to demonstrate industry authority, showcase their work, and get found by their desired audience. The ideal SEO strategy is multi-faceted, but regularly refreshing your site’s content is one huge step towards ranking higher. Here’s why.

Creating New Content for SEO

It is crucial to continue to add new content to your website in order to keep ranking for SEO. New content might mean refreshing old pages or adding new pages or posts to expand your XML sitemap. Businesses often start a blog section of their website, because new blog posts can work to increase your rankings and add credibility to your brand name. Regardless, make sure your new content is properly optimized and not practicing any black hat SEO tactics that will ultimately hurt your rankings.

Updating Old Content for SEO

If your website is older, there is likely plenty of content in need of updating. If your service, product, or service area pages are lacking in optimization, now is the time to go back through and edit to include h-tags, optimized images, backlinks, and updated information. When you update old content, be sure to research any changes in Google’s algorithm since your original page was published. Creating your SEO strategy according to the current algorithms is key because what might have worked before could now leave you at a disadvantage.

How Does New Content Affect Your Rankings?

One of the most important factors that Google takes into consideration is whether or not your website’s content is being refreshed. Search engines regularly crawl your website for the quality and quantity of your content to determine rankings. If you create a post with the right long-tail keyword search queries, this can even end up being one of your top-performing landing pages. You can speed up the page crawl process by resubmitting your site’s XML sitemap to Google Search Console upon publishing new content.

Creating an SEO Strategy

While refreshing & optimizing content is crucial for SEO, there are plenty of other factors that search engines take into considerations when determining search rankings. To make sure all your bases are covered, outsourcing to a reputable digital marketing company to create an SEO strategy is the best choice for many companies. Boston Web Marketing has decades of experience helping small businesses get found in searches. Contact us today to get started on a custom strategy for your website!

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