The Importance of Posting to Your Google My Business Profile

Are you looking to take your Google My Business profile to the next level and direct local traffic to your website? By optimizing your business profile and using the post feature, you can reach out to potential and existing customers with updates, special offers, new events, and products. Posts on your Google My Business profile appear in local search results and can help improve your local SEO when executed well. Learn more about the importance of posting to your profile below!

Why is it Important for SEO?

Having a solid online presence is crucial for your business to succeed. Luckily, a powerful tool is offered by Google to help you improve your local SEO and attract potential customers to your business. Creating a Google My Business profile for your business is an easy way to impact your business’s online visibility significantly. Adding your essential details, such as name, address, phone number, and URL, makes you one step closer to engaging your target audience and increasing conversions.

What is a GMB post?

In addition to displaying your business information, Google My Business has a feature allowing you to strengthen your profile by creating compelling posts for your business. Each business may use this feature differently, as the posts contain text, visual content, and a link to bring the user to your website or desired page. In addition to using this post to update, inform, and educate your target audience, it shows Google that your business is open and ready to engage with customers.

Posts to Improve Your SEO

Posting on your profile helps you direct traffic to specific pages and boost your website rankings. When looking to post on your business listing, consider which information will be valuable to your audience, such as updated restaurant hours, discounts on products and services, or showcasing your business’s unique services. Here are a few examples of using Google My Business posts to your advantage.

Update Posts

When creating a post for your business, you can use it as a platform to update your audience with new happenings or changes within your business. This can include announcing updated hours and upcoming dates you would be closed, showing off your location with photos of the interior, and featuring any upcoming events. When posting, you can attach a URL for the user to follow and learn more information. 

Showcase Offers

Another way to utilize your profile is to create posts for upcoming promotions and deals for your services and products. This way, users will be actively informed about your deals. Be sure to include a good photo, a concise description, and a call to action to increase engagement and traffic to your website.

Connect With Your Audience

Lastly, try to connect with your audience through posts! An effective Google My Business post will include a captivating headline, compelling visuals, informative content, an engaging call to action, and a link to your website. Connecting with your audience can be as simple as reposting informational blogs to your profile, announcing a new service, or promoting an old one. There are various ways to increase your engagement, but connecting with your local audience is the key to your future success.

Grow Your Local SEO 

Google My Business posts offer a unique opportunity for businesses to grow their local and online presence. Start attracting customers, driving conversions, and resonate with your target audience by posting compelling content on your profile. To learn more tips and the importance of posting to your business profile, contact Boston Web Marketing for professional assistance. At Boston Web Marketing, we are informed and experienced in growing your local SEO and improving your digital presence. Contact our team of experts today by calling (857)526-0096 or filling out our online contact form. We hope to hear from you soon!

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