How Important are On Site Blogs?

Are you falling behind to competitors in search results? Have you reviewed said competitors’ sites and noticed an on-site blog? This article will review the importance of having an on-site blog for your business’s website.

Adding Relevant Content

The importance of ample, relevant content on a website can’t be understated. Once your site has all of its services, products, and business information pages complete, a blog is a way to continually add relevant content to your site. This increases the number of keywords on your site and lets Google know what your business offers.

Internal Links

Internally linking to different web pages on your site within your new blog section is another way to communicate to Google the services & products you offer. Google bots will crawl your blog and see relevant anchor text to relevant services or products pages. These indicators show Google that your site is on-point and offers users a concise user experience based around a specific industry, service, or product.

Google likes “Fresh Content”

In addition to adding relevant, keyword-rich content, Google likes seeing websites that are continually being updated with new web pages. Google understands how fast-paced the world is today. A website that hasn’t had a page added in months can indicate the site is outdated. By adding new fresh content on a bi-monthly or more frequent basis in the form of a blog, will tell Google you are staying up to date with your industry trends.

Demand Generation Tool

The term ‘Demand Generation’ is referring to creating demand for the product or service you provide.  If you create a well-written blog that answers a potential customer’s question and includes a call to action at the end encouraging the user to reach out, you have essentially created a demand for said product or service. This is very beneficial for products or services that are new to market. Publishing a blog highlighting that your product or services solve a problem of your target demographic can result in users landing on this page from a search query and in turn, having them reach out for more information.

Boston Web Marketing: Providing Clients Blog Writing Services

If your businesses online presence and overall website traffic evened out or has started to drop, contact Boston Web Marketing for an in-depth SEO audit. In addition to providing resources for adding a blog section with relevant content, we will conduct a technical SEO website audit to ensure Google is properly crawling and indexing your website. Today, a business’s online presence is a vital part of lead generation and providing potential customers information regarding your services and products. If you are interested in more SEO techniques or would like to hire us to manage your reputation online contact us at or call 857.526.0096.

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