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Since working with Boston Web Marketing I’ve worked with a number of business owners who are new to the whole SEO industry and how it can help their website.  As somebody well- versed in search engine optimization, it’s my job to share with them my knowledge of the industry; and in return they teach me about theirs.  We then combine our knowledge so we can work towards our goal, the top of Google search rankings.

With that said, one thing I always emphasize to my clients is the importance of content.  Google not only gives higher rankings to sites that are well optimized, but to those with new and quality content.  As Google crawls your site and sees that you have a system of updating an on-site blog on a regular basis, they view your site as a “quality” site.  Too often people are not taking advantage of this opportunity and are left with idle sites. They then wonder why they aren’t ranking high for searches.

For example a site like CNN, that has millions of pages of news stories, will most certainly be near the top for news-related searches.  Why? All that content.  Essentially their site is pages and pages of ever-changing information.  For the small business owner who doesn’t have quite the amount of news or happenings, it is important to increase your website’s reach by giving the search engines more to index. Start posting about jobs you recently have done, a new special the business is offer, or a new product, etc.  This will help raise your search rankings tremendously and that’s the reason I encourage and implement onsite blogs to my client’s websites.

The moral of the story is “content is key” and “the more useful information your site the better”.  Be sure to contact Boston Web Marketing for any questions or concerns on tips to manage your website.

– George Freeman

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