The Importance of Online Brand Interaction

Since working with Boston Web Marketing and expanding my client base there’s a certain set list of tasks I perform for all of my clients. From early on site SEO work containing meta information, to installing Google Analytics, to adding new sitemaps, are just some of the tasks I perform.  But besides that on-site work, there’s a number of tasks I do off-site, namely social media work.  Facebook and Twitter to name a few are very important because it allows a business to interact with their fans/customers unlike ever before.

I initially start these pages for clients so they can have some presence on these networks.  For example putting basic company information featuring their specific keywords, key-areas, websites, so on and so forth.  But just putting that information alone is basically having an off-site static page, so it’s important to have something to offer your fan/client base. I’m a big proponent of offering something to these people, whether it be a coupon you can post for specials or extra service something helps.  Because there are few businesses/companies that can basically have activity on their page without putting any effort into their social media.

So I encourage business owners to offer deals, specials, contests, anything to get a reaction out of your base so you can start a more interactive experience for you and your fans.

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