The Importance of Online Brand Interaction

Since working with Boston Web Marketing and expanding my client base there’s a certain setlist of tasks I perform for all of my clients. From early on-site SEO work containing meta-information to installing Google Analytics, to adding new sitemaps, are just some of the tasks I perform.  But besides that on-site work, there’s a number of tasks I do off-site, namely social media work.  Facebook and Twitter to name a few are very important because it allows a business to interact with their fans/customers unlike ever before.

How To Incorporate Your Brand

I initially start these pages for clients so they can have some presence on these networks.  For example putting basic company information featuring their specific keywords, key-areas, websites, so on and so forth.  But just putting that information alone is basically having an off-site static page, so it’s important to have something to offer your fan/client base. I’m a big proponent of offering something to these people, whether it be a coupon you can post for specials or extra service something helps.  Because there are few businesses/companies that can basically have activity on their page without putting any effort into their social media. So I encourage business owners to offer deals, specials, contests, anything to get a reaction out of your base so you can start a more interactive experience for you and your fans.

How To Improve Your Brand

Your Brand can go through many changes on your Companies journey. Sometimes a little change to your brand can go a long way! For example, if you update your brand logo after a year to look more stylish and more professional that will get a different range of viewers. After some time in your respective field, you will come to learn different aspects of your business that only experience will teach you. However, we do not recommend that you change the type of business that your brand currently is. Changing your business is the easiest way to kill your Organic SEO and drop traffic to your site dramatically. Instead, make sure that you only build on the current brand that you have and add more innovating features. For example, if you are working at a paper company, you may slowly want to expand your brand of clients for who you ship too!

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