The Importance of Mobile Friendly Website Design

Mobile-friendly websites are imperative nowadays. It is apparent to most marketers and business owners that if their website is not accessible on a mobile device, then they are missing out on a large chunk of the market. This is because mobile phones are used to access the internet much more than desktops nowadays. However, even though this is common knowledge, not everyone is ensuring that their websites and search ads are truly mobile-friendly. Here are some reasons why mobile-friendly websites are so important for your SEO and business functionality.

Google Prioritizes Mobile-Friendly Websites

Google is known to rank mobile-friendly websites higher on the search engine. This is because since most people are searching on phones nowadays, it is more convenient and easier for searchers to use a mobile-friendly website. If your website is not mobile-friendly it will rank lower on search engines as well as discourage people from staying on your website.

People Everywhere Use Mobile Devices

People are not only constantly searching for information on their phones but many people these days do most of their shopping on their phones as well. If you run a business where people can purchase your goods online, it is extremely important to have a mobile-friendly site or else you may lose a ton of sales. Consumers want an easy and instant connection to the internet as well as want to easily be able to purchase anything they need on the go.

Reach More Customers Faster

Making your website mobile-friendly automatically expands your customer base to anyone performing a mobile search. Customers will also not have to deeply search for your website or have to type in the exact URL, they can just do a quick search to find your business quickly and easily.

Your Website Will Look Great and Function Well

If your website is mobile-friendly, your website’s design will look awesome and be functional on any device. No one will struggle to find things on your website or have to zoom in to read your content. It will also keep people on your website for a longer amount of time which would hopefully lead them to make a purchase or connect with you.

Google Wants Your Websites Mobile-Friendly

Another reason to switch your website to be mobile-friendly is simply that Google wants you to do it. Google has stated that mobile-friendly websites are important simply because everyone has smartphones, and they’re constantly using them to search.

You’ll Get More Calls

On a mobile-friendly website, it is important to have your business’s phone number on the top of the website. Not only should the number be right there but it should be able to click to call. On mobile-friendly websites, it is possible to simply click the number on the website and it will automatically connect you to call the business. If your phone number is not set up to click to call, people will most likely not end up calling your business to inquire about your services.

As time goes on, more and more businesses are switching to mobile-friendly websites. It is important to keep up with this trend or else your business website will be pushed down even further on the search engine results page.

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