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The Importance of Listing Sites

An important part of any search engine optimization plan must include getting your business on as many of the local and social listings as possible.  In addition to keeping your name and address out there, people use these listings to talk.  And talk generates interest in your business and your site.  Good reviews always help boost your profile as well.

Name, Address, Phone Number Consistency

Listing Sites are important for two reasons when it comes to your SEO strategy. For one, they help affirm NAP consistency across the web. NAP consistency stands for Name, Adress, and Phone Number. The more this information is consistent across the web, Google and other search engines are able to confidently rank your site in search as these important business details are consistent.

Reputable Backlinks

Another reason these listing sites are important is they help in gaining reputable backlinks to your website. The more your website is linked on other reputable sites only improves your Search engine optimization. Furthermore, many of these listing sites can be industry-specific. There is a chance potential customers use these listing sites as a resource to find the right company to use. If you are listed on these sites, it will only improve your visibility in the space.

Review Platforms

Through the years, many of these listings site has improved their relevance by being the source for reviews within a certain industry. Implementing a brand management solution within these listing sites will provide users a 1-5 star rating in many sites that customers view as reliable. Having a high star rating almost always coincides with higher lead generation. Businesses with consistent low ranking across the web in terms of testimonials usually have their search results impacted as GOogle and other search engines don’t want to refer companies where many customers have had a bad experience.

Examples of Listing Sites

Here is an example of how much exposure you could get from being listed in the right places: – Quantcast measures the traffic at an estimated 678,000 site visitors per month – Has an average of 744,000 visitors a month.

MacRaesBlueBook.com1 million active users per month and specializes in manufacturing and industrial products – MerchantCirlcle averages 5.8 million visitors a month. – Specific to New England; estimated 3 million visitors per month – Ideal for restaurants; estimated 4 million visitors per month – Ideal for restaurants; stimated 20,000 visitors per month

Manta – Estimated 23 million visitors per month; the site has over 30 million business listings

Yelp -Estimated 41 million monthly visitors

Boston Web Marketing: Improving Listings Citations for our Clients

Those are just a few of the listing and review sites available to you for tons of free online marketing. Some will cover much broader areas of interest and geography while others are more localized and industry-specific.   The more you are listed, the more visible you are. If your business hasn’t looked into increasing its listing presence across the web, call Boston Web Marketing today.

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