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The Importance of Keywords For YouTube Video Optimization

In order for your business to get the most return on your SEO strategy, you’ll need to utilize as many of its components as possible! Social media marketing is a big part of driving your audience to your website, but many people tend to think of the most basic platforms for sharing content. Did you know that YouTube can help your SEO strategy in spades? Much of it is tied to the way that you use keywords. We explain just how much they can help out below!

Where To Implement Keywords 

Those that have done social media marketing for other platforms know the importance of naturally inserting keywords into their posts. Business-related keywords are the key to getting found there! There are several places where you can include keywords that will help your video get found:

  • Video Title: Think of this like you would a page title on a normal Google search result. Including your keywords in this title lets YouTube know that your keyword is the main topic of the video.
  • Hashtags: Similar to how they work on Twitter and Instagram, they allow users to narrow down searches to specific categories – like your business’s services!
  • Video Description: This functions similar to a page description on a regular Google search in that you’ll need to be concise and use your keywords strategically. YouTube only shows the first bit of the description, so make sure you use these keywords early!
  • Video File: Just as you would optimize an image title, a raw video file title should include the keywords you want. YouTube has even recognized this as a ranking factor!

If you can use your keywords carefully, your odds of getting found skyrocket.

Why Is It Important?

Did you know that Google is the parent company for YouTube? It makes sense that many of the strategies you would use for regular search carry over here! Much of the importance of keywords on YouTube is tied to how people search for content. By using the right keywords, you can ensure that your content reaches the most relevant audiences. If your business is an auto body repair shop, for example, adding car-related keywords will narrow down the audience to people actively looking for one.

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