The Importance of H1 Tags on Your Webpages

When is the last time you looked at your H-Tags on your website? Most business owners probably never have looked at H1 tags since the time their developer built their website. So what is a H1 tag and why is it important? Lets take a look!

A H1 tag is a HTML tag that indicates a heading on a website. HTML is hypertext markup language, a common language to build websites with. A tag is a snippet of code that lets your browser know how to display the content on your webpages.


It looks like this in your page source:



And appears like this in your browser:




H-Tags range from H1- H6 with your H1 being your most important, and your H6 being the least. But why are your H- Tags important? The answer is two-fold.


The first reason is for search engine bots and spiders to properly identify the content of your webpages.  You want to use only one H1-Tag. Sure, bots will crawl multiple H1-Tags, but if you have more than 1, it diminishes the importance of your tag.


The second reason H-Tags are important IS for user experience. You want your H-Tag to be like your Page Title, not the exact same, but similar. By properly describing the content on the page your users will have a better idea that they are about to read. Its crucial to remember to describe the content accurately and not keyword stuff with your H-Tags.


To recap a few rules of H-Tags:


  • Use only one H-1 Tag
  • Describe your content but don’t force keywords that aren’t relevant
  • Make your keywords natural, answer questions users are searching for if you can

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