The Importance of Google Places

The Importance of Google Places –

 The old mentality of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) was to place a bunch of long tail keywords, meta descriptions, and page titles and wait until Google crawled your site.  You may have noticed recently that Google is blending in your Google Places’ page in organic results. 

Google, much to the delight of many small businesses are starting to gear its search platform for local searches.   Clearly, there is a shift in what Google finds to be important for its users.  Now, verified and claimed businesses within a reasonable distance to the inputted query are coming up on the first page.

How does this affect a small business owner?  The following highlights the simple steps to immediately make an impact to your online presence:

  • Claim your Google Places listing.
  • Add videos, photos, menus and coupons to your Places listing.
  • Add your business to all local Web directories.
  • Add categories and keywords to your page.
  • Encourage your clients/customers to write reviews.

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