The Importance Of Content Management Systems

A Content Management System is software that helps to simplify and store the majority of your website’s content in one digital space. It helps to enable users of any skill level with easy access when it comes to editing content and page layouts. This also allows multiple users to log into one single platform and collaborate on updating & managing your website in real-time.

No Prior Programming Knowledge Is Needed!

A Content Management System like WordPress was built for individuals with little or programming knowledge. While it helps to have a basic understanding of HTML and CSS, the beauty of a CMS is that the work is done in the background as you create new pages & content. After having your website built by an internal team of web designers, managing the content or editing content on your website is fairly easy. Web content such as images and text can be changed, modified, inserted and uploaded onto a variety of pages based on your specific needs. The back end of these content building platforms are not only visually appealing but built to be very user-friendly. Even if you are new to Content Management Platforms, you’ll be creating web pages, blog posts, news articles, and emails before you know it!

Plugins & Additional Website Capabilities Are Easily Accessible

The majority of Content Management Systems are quick to learn and visually pleasing. Although a lot of people may be utilizing various Content Management Systems already, they may not be aware of some of the most important assets of the platform. Content Management Systems such as WordPress offer all sorts of great plugins for your blog and most of them don’t come at an additional cost! For more information on essential plugins, Read my blog on 5 essential plugins to optimize & improve your website!

Popular Content Management Systems

Below is a list of popular Content Management Systems for individuals of any level of skill!

WordPress: WordPress is one of the most common CMS platforms on the market due to its low cost & affordability. It is also reliable and flexible, offering exceptional performance for back end users and your website visitors. WordPress is currently active on over 30% of websites across the globe, primarily because of its accessibility
Joomla: Joomla  It’s also an open-source CMS, enabling you to create powerful web pages without needing to know code.
Drupal: Drupal is more complex to manage for a novice user, it is an open-source CMS as it was built primarily for developers.

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