The Importance of Brand Awareness

SEO for those that do not know is a practice in which the goal is to increase a websites organic traffic through search engines.  There are four pillars when it comes to SEO: keyword and content, technical SEO, on-site SEO, and off-site SEO.  These four pillars work together to provide a website better rankings for search engines.   However, there may be a forgotten practice that does not get the praise it deserves, that practice is brand awareness.  Take a look at why you should consider brand awareness.

First lets review the four pillars.

Four Pillars of SEO

Content and keywords are always a work in progress as they are the building blocks to every SEO strategy.  However, no matter how great the content is it simply will not matter if the website does not have sound technical foundation.

Technical SEO covers areas like indexing and performance of the website.  It is the reasons that sites load their pages quickly, and search engines can crawl the content.  Google has a set of metrics that measure a web pages technical performance and usability.

On-site SEO assists the search engine in letting it know what is on the page as far as content. This is done with creating structure with the overall site.  On-site SEO all includes site navigation, schema mark-up, page titles, meta descriptions, heading tags, even image alt texts.  All of those aspects done efficiently can create an easy structure for all bots and visitors.

Last but not least off-site SEO.  Having the great content is just the beginning, it is not just what is taking place on the website that Google is going to look at.  Backlinks for example are something that Google will look at which can either boost or hurt your SEO rankings.

Now that we have gone over the four pillars of SEO lets take a look into how brand awareness.

Why Is Branded Search Important?

Branded search results not only show the level of interest, but also have higher conversion rate.  Now with that said that does not mean that non-branded searches do not need your attention.  They are both important and vital for a business to grow.  The best thing you can do to drive your branded searches is to focus on keywords, which will result in a higher click through rates.

How to Grow Brand Awareness

Simply, branded search traffic results from brand awareness and interest.  People would not be searching for your business if they did not already show interest for it.  In order to grow your brand awareness you need to increase visibility to potential customers.  A good way of doing this is leaning on your non-branded work such as content to bring in more eyes.  Another way of going about it would be to bring your brand to the customer.

There are plenty of tools to get the job done such as advertising, influencer marketing, digital PR, and customer marketing.

  • Advertising:  In advertisement you either are retargeting customers or are building brand awareness by reaching fresh customers.  There are many methods to choose from to bring your brand to the customer.
  • Influencer Marketing: Great for leveraging someone who can influence your target market to promote your business.
  • Customer Marketing: Reviews. How many times have you ordered from a place but before checking out read through the review section?
  • Digital PR: Publishing stories in relevant and high-quality publication.

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