The Importance of Adding Schema Markup to your site’s pages

In Search Engine Optimization, the name of the game is to effectively communicate with Google what your website and more specifically, your site’s pages, are about. Naturally, this is implemented by creating purposeful content within the page and creating a great internal link structure. Once this is completed, what else can you do to increase your pages SEO? This is where implementing Schema Mark-up can help!

What Is Schema Markup

The term Schema Markup is a snippet of structured data in the form of code. This is placed on the back end of a page within your website. Schema Markup serves two purposes: Help Search engines understand the page and create a rich snippet. In this blog, we will cover why each is important!

Helping Search Engines Understand Your page

Schema Markup allows you to communicate with search engines exactly what your page is about. Utilizing a site like (a venture created with the help of Google) there are a variety of categories to choose from when looking to add schema markup. Categories include products, restaurants, events, recipes, and many more. Each category will prompt you to answer questions regarding your business/ webpage and you will fill in accordingly. As an example, the Restaurant category asks to provide your restaurant’s location (even by coordinates), type of restaurant, price range ($-$$$$$), hours, and telephone number.

Rich Snippets

A rich snippet appears within search engine results pages. Depending on the category of schema markup you choose, the rich snippet will vary. A great example of a rich snippet is when a user searches a basic recipe in Google. Due to the Schema Markup added, Google can provide the answer without users needing to continue to the site.

Prior to adding Schema Markup- Check these things

While Schema Markup is a great tool to give your SEO a boost, be sure to audit your website’s pages to ensure you are utilizing SEO best practices across the board. Be sure your pages have Htags (only 1 H1!), internal links, original content, and decent loading speed. If these are not in proper order, the structured data will not have the effect you are looking for!

Boston Web Marketing- Schema Markup Experts

If you have questions regarding how to improve your site SEO and inbound leads, give the experts at Boston Web Marketing a call today. We can perform SEO audits, uncover areas of potential content creation, formulate social media strategies and ensure all your web properties reflect the services or product you offer. Call today to learn more!

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