The Impact of Service Area Pages on Local SEO

Local SEO is one of the most important, and powerful search engine optimization tools today. Having effective local SEO will land your businesses website on the first page of local search results and will gain traffic. Using other tools such as Google My Business will also help your local SEO but, if you’re in a large metropolitan area, you may have a lot of competition. To have a big local SEO boost, adding service area pages to your website will have an impact. Continue reading to learn more about the impact of service area pages on local SEO.

What is a Service Area Page?

Service area pages (SAPs), also known as “areas served” pages are landing pages that consist of content about particular areas that your business serves. SAPs highlight services or products being offered in a specific location, along with company information to help increase local rankings. Using good local SEO practices can lead to someone searching for your services in their area which can lead to them landing on your SAP before your homepage. The more service area pages added to a website, the more likely you’ll be to gain website traffic from surrounding towns for your services.

How Service Area Pages Impact Local SEO

Service area pages can improve local SEO. If a service area page is well optimized, it will gain traffic as long as the page is optimized for the location being searched. Also, keyword research is key for local SEO, different areas have different data. This means that keyword research is needed for each area that you serve to improve your chances of ranking highly for that location. If your SAP is created properly, your local SEO will be rewarded.

If a business serves numerous cities or towns around the physical location, an SAP should be added for each area that is served. Every area that is served should have a unique page of content created. It is important for each service area page to be original as Google does not accept duplicate content. A business could be ignored, penalized, or demoted in rankings for not creating original, unique, and well-written content for each separate page.

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