The Guide to Website Speed Optimization

There are many benefits to increasing your website speed. One of the main benefits is that if your website loads faster then your user experience will increase. As your user experience increases then Google will recommend your website more in search results.

Why Does Your Site Speed Matter?

The speed of your website can both positively or negatively affect your website. It also can affect your overall traffic, page views, and conversions. If you want to stand out among your competition then you should make site speed a top priority. If your website’s speed is quick then you will have positive results with your page views and conversions. But also your visitors will have a positive user experience.

How to Increase Your Site Speed

Upgrade Your Hosting

Many people will choose the cheapest hosting with the cheapest plan available when they are first creating their website. As your website grows and you create content, this plan will be slowing down your website. When you get to that point, the best thing to do is to upgrade your plan. This is the easiest and fastest way to have your website load faster.

Enable Browser Caching

Enabling your cache can help improve the speed because it’s giving your users a better user experience. Caching is the process of storing static files like images, HTML, CSS, and any JavaScript for easier and much faster access. This way, the database doesn’t need to retrieve and load every part of your website each time they visit.

Remove Unnecessary Plugins

Every plugin that is installed on your website takes up space and uses your resources to be able to run properly. If there are plugins installed that you no longer use, then you should deactivate and delete them. If your website is built on WordPress, this should be a relatively simple task. 

Optimize Your Images

Images take up a lot of bandwidth on your website and when they are larger than they need to be they take up a lot of your website’s resources. If you are able to make the images smaller without taking away from the quality then that will help your website load faster.

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