The Guide To Facebook Ads

With over 2.9 billion people active every single month throughout the entire world, Facebook’s reach is highly expansive, making it a fantastic advertising tool and platform. Thankfully, this is where Facebook ads come into play. Facebook ads are paid messages that allow you, as a business owner, manager, or social media specialist, the opportunity to increase the traffic and conversions to your site. Suppose you are interested in improving your website traffic through the use of Facebook ads. In that case, the digital marketing team at Boston Web Marketing has compiled a list of our top tips to help you understand Facebook Ads.


What Exactly Is A Facebook Ad?


A Facebook ad is quite simple; it is an ad that runs exclusively through Facebook’s advertising platform. These ads are put together quickly, and they appear on the directed targets Facebook feed and Facebook Messenger. These ads can be run in a multitude of different formats, such as one image, video, photo slideshow, and more! They can also be extremely cost-efficient as you get the opportunity to increase or decrease your budget, all while targeting a particular audience.


How Do Facebook Ads Work?


Facebook Ads work by targeting specific Facebook users based on their location, demographic, age, and any other information that is found within their profile. The ad you have created will then appear on their Facebook feed or sidebar. This appearance on their feed will then encourage the user to click on the ad, driving traffic to your profile or site, all while overall increasing brand awareness to get a sale/ conversion.

What Should My Facebook Ad Include?


Social media as a whole is a highly visual space; this remains true to platforms like Facebook, meaning you must use high-quality images in your ad. The image is hands down the most essential aspect of the ad; if it is not visually pleasing and eye-catching, you will not see the desired results. Use a high-quality visual, preferably original content with clear and concise written content/typography.


Can I Track My Facebook Ads Performance?


Absolutely! Thankfully, when you place a Facebook Ad, you unlock the Facebook Ads Manager. This is a component of the ad that allows you to see a variety of data right at your fingertips. This data includes seeing how people interact with your ad, who clicks on it, and who is ignoring it. This capability allows you to adjust as needed, maximizing your budget and time.


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