The Google Penalties That Can Hurt Your Rankings

Most people will assume that if their website is ranking poorly, they are not doing their search engine optimization (SEO) correctly or at all. However, what people don’t realize is that they could be doing some SEO practices that could have a negative impact on their website’s ranking.

Google doesn’t release all of how it ranks websites and they are using multiple algorithms to give the user the best possible search result. Here are the most popular reasons that a website could have their rankings lowered or be penalized by Google.

Google’s Panda Penalty

This is the most common penalty that your website could get. Google Panda looks at your website’s content quality. If your website has high-quality content on it then your website will be rewarded. However, if your website has low-quality content on it then you will see your website’s ranking drop.

What Could Trigger a Panda Penalty?

  • Thin content. If you are creating content for a webpage, you should make sure that the webpage is answering the user’s search query. You want to make sure that your pages aren’t lacking substance.
  • Low-quality content. This includes text with grammar errors, oversized or distracting images, or any hard to follow website design that will negatively affect user experience.
  • Duplicate text. If you are using other website’s text and trying to pass it off as your own, Panda will catch that and take action.

Google’s Penguin Penalty

This is the second most likely penalty to hit you. Penguin focuses on evaluating websites for link profiles. Backlinks can positively affect your website if they are contextually related to your pages, if they are surrounded by relevant text if they point to your website from trustworthy sources, and if they come from multiple different domains. Those backlinks will be considered to be high-quality and won’t hurt your ranking. 

What Could Trigger a Penguin Penalty?

  • Buying links. Buying links is a violation of Google’s Webmaster Guidelines when you use money or products to try and get backlinks to your website.
  • Anchor text. If the text inside your backlink is the same everywhere and is low quality it will look like you are trying to manipulate your rankings.
  • Keyword stuffing. This is where a website will have long sentences that don’t make sense but have a lot of search queries in each one. This is viewed as an unnatural use of keywords.

How to Recover From a Google Penalty

If you need help recovering from a Google penalty and help with your website ranking higher, look towards the experts at Boston Web Marketing. You can contact us directly on our website or call us at 857.526.0096.

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