The Future of Chatbots and How it Effects SEO

We have all been there when we have a question that needs an answer and we check and the store hours are closed.  Calling is out the window so you head to the FAQ page but, your answer is no where to be found.  Before accepting defeat you notice a pop up with the message “Hello!”.  A chatbot is asking if there is anything it can assist you with.

Now, many people ignore and refuse to turn to these pop up chats to find help.  The fact of the matter is that these bots are getting better at their jobs.  They have evolved since first hitting the internet to help customers with simple basic questions to being able to hold conversations. What is next for chatbots?  How will it effect on page SEO moving forward?

History of Chatbot

Over the years more and more companies have been incorporating chatbot to interact with their customers.  When chatbot first came about it was a simple tool to engage with customers in a different way than before.  It started off with simple conversation and task management.  Now we are seeing them evolve with customers demands.  Customers are wanting around the clock communication and the companies have certainly heard their requests.

What is the Next Step for Chatbot?

As a company knowing how and when to utilize chatbot can be the difference maker for your business strategy.  It is clear that ecommerce companies saw a benefit of having chatbot during the pandemic going on.  These companies are now starting to find ways to improve chatbots ability to read and understand more complex questions.  A by product of that chatbot is more capable to read and predict customers needs.  We are starting to witness chatbot provide more options, check an order status, and even store data.  Chatbot is finally becoming a reliable source of alternative communication that companies can rely on.  Business that have higher call intakes than most can feel comfortable directing customers to chatbot rather than being put on hold.

Different Uses for Different Business Plans

With how communication through technology has been advancing it is not uncommon to order services or products with out talking to a human these days.  Sales and marketing companies will benefit from this as it will drive another form to record sales and track data. Customers can turn to a quick reliable service to place or track an order from them in seconds.  Content marketing can benefit from the data aspect of chatbot. The advancements that are being made chatbot is cable of storing, organizing, and segmenting customers.  This will add value to these companies by collecting the valuable information about customers interested in their brands.  Another business avenue that can benefit from chatbot is customer service.  Companies have the versatility to add chatbot to their websites, social media, and apps. Chatbots ability to track, place, or find orders will speed up customer service and improve customer satisfaction.


With all the good news pointing to the future for chatbot there are still some kinks to work out.  Such as having issues with proper sentence structure across different languages or understanding slang terms.  Another issue with companies that have already rolled out chatbot is the need to upgrade it to handle and have the more complex conversations with customers.  With out doing so could lead to chatbot failing to filling the need of the customer. However, chatbot is on a good track to make life more efficient for both the companies and the consumers moving forward.

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