The Effect of Videos on Social Media

An important business strategy on social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat or YouTube is creating and marketing your business through video. As the popularity of videos increases on social media, some brands and businesses may start to come across a new challenge of creating more effective video ads for audience’s social media feed.

A popular form of social media videos is auto-play video ads because there are known to be more relevant, trustworthy, and non-intrusive.  With posting brand videos on Facebook, it’s important to remember that it is a part of the News Feed. When users are scrolling through their feed, make sure your video is creative and stands out from the rest. Users believe that video ads that are more relevant if they are targeting the right audience with a brand. It’s important for businesses using videos on social media can capture the audience’s attention immediately in the very first seconds.

For posting a video on a News Feed, shorter videos have more of an impact on an audience. If these videos are shorter, it’s recommended to incorporate heaving branding within the first couple seconds of the video. It’s important that your social media video relevant to your audience, promotes your brand, and creative!

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