What Is The Difference Between Alt-Text And Title Text?

Optimizing everything on your website from content, to images, to metadata, and beyond is a good idea for Search-Engine-Optimization purposes. For website owners, optimizing alt-text on photos and title text goes a long way for SEO and should never be neglected. If you’re new to writing alt text and title text, you may be wondering how to best optimize the two. Should Image alt text and title text be written the same? Should they be written differently? We’ll answer that and more in this blog.

What Is Alt-Text on a Website’s Image

Alt text for an image on a website is text written out to describe an image. Alt text should always be as accurate and detailed as possible. One great benefit of alt text is that alt text is great for visually impaired users who use screen readers. For Search Engine Optimization purposes, good alt text can help search engines like Google understand what is being displayed in the image.  This in turn could aid in your search engine ranking.

What Is Image Title Text on a Website?

Image title text for website photos is essentially additional information to describe a photo. An images title text is not as important as Alt text because it does not factor into search engine rankings. Consider image title texts as a good complement to alt text.

Should Alt-Text and Title Text be written the same?

Alt text and Title text should be written similarly but not copy one another. The optimize both these features to the fullest, it is best to implement keywords and focus on user intent. Use the best keywords that describe the photo regarding your respective industry and do not keyword stuff. At the end of the day, optimizing your alt text and title text is good practice. These two features are beneficial cost-free marketing methods that will enhance user experience.

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