The Difference Between Google AdWords and AdWords Express

Advertising is at the heart and soul of every business and now that e-commerce sites and smart business owners know now more than ever that advertising on Google is vital for their success in the digital world. Some of the biggest questions that business owners have are “Where do I start?”,“ How much do I need to spend?’ and “How much time does it take?” To start off the answer, you will need to use either Google AdWords or AdWords Express to create and manage these ads throughout their Search Network.


AdWords was created by Google for advertisers to be able to customize and control the ads they want to put into the Google Search Network. With the AdWords program, there are more features, more reports, and more tools to improve your ad’s visibility through their network. With a full range of tools to customize your ad campaign, you can have an ad that can create a huge return on your investment.   

AdWords Express:

One of the biggest differences with using AdWord Express is that you are not required to have a website, only a Google + page.  This program released by Google is a simplified version of AdWords that is a fully automated system that creates several types of ads that Google constantly optimizes for you. Google’s intent with this program was to give people who are unfamiliar with computers and the internet a chance to gain new customers. The automated system will also show your ad on Google’s Search Network, Google Map and partnered websites. The three biggest benefits of using AdWord Express is the ease of use, automatic targeting, and automatic bidding. If you have a website, we recommend you invest in AdWords instead of AdWords Express to gain the most benefit from their custom features.

Here at Boston Web Marketing we create, launch, and manage AdWords campaigns for small to medium size business. We are experienced with the AdWords program and get the most out of every size budget you want to use and can answer any questions you may have about AdWords and Advertising on Google.

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