The Difference Between Content Management Systems

A CMS platform stands for content management system. CMS is a platform that allows you to create and manage a website easily. If you don’t use a CMS platform, you will need to know, understand, and write code that can be very difficult to learn, time-consuming, and leaves room for mistakes. CMS systems are made to help create websites easily and hassle-free. So how do you know which CMS system to use? Well, this can depend on a lot of different factors, including what type of business you are, the various design options offered CMS platforms offer, the cost of each platform, the extensions and add-ins offered, and so much more. If you are trying to decide between which platform to use for your website, here is a quick guide to some of the top CMS platforms offered.


WordPress is one of the most commonly used CMS platforms. This is mainly because WordPress is very user-friendly and easy to add and edit content and pages. WordPress also offers many different templates and themes that allow you to create a professional and stylish website with ease. Another advantage of WordPress is the platform offers many different plans, so while your business grows, you can switch to bigger plans that provide more features.


Wix is also a prevalent platform that businesses use for their website. Wix has many different design features as well as pre-made templates. Wix also offers a free plan that can be upgraded to unlock more features and design options. However, Wix does have many limitations and may not be as user-friendly as other CMS platforms out there.


Shopify is a CMS platform that provides all-in-one capabilities meaning that you do not need to buy hosting or install additional software. Shopify is an excellent platform for e-commerce businesses and online retailers. Shopify accepts many forms of payment, including PayPal, credit, and debit cards. Shopify also offers live support chats for users. A downfall of Shopify is the cost which can be quite expensive compared to other CMS platforms.

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