The Difference Between Blue & Gold Checkmarks on Twitter

Twitter has launched a modified verification system. As part of the updated system, Twitter CEO Elon Musk will address problems discovered during the initial rollout of his Blue Verified program. This program allowed anyone to buy a blue checkmark for eight dollars per month. Continue reading to learn more about how this system works and how it may effect you and your business!

The Blue Checkmarks

You can subscribe to Twitter’s Blue Verified subscription program for $8 per month using a website browser. 

To step up its signup process, Twitter is adding additional measures to combat impersonation.

Your account will be reviewed to ensure it checks all boxes:

  • If your account displays a name and profile photo, it’ll be marked as complete.
  • As long as there has been activity on your account within the last 30 days, your account will be marked as active.
  • If your account is older than 90 days but has an authorized phone number, it’ll be considered secured. 
  • Lastly, if there haven’t been any changes to your profile photo, display name, or username, your account will be changed to a non-deceptive account.
    • Your account must not appear misleading or deceptive and must have no signs of engagement on platform manipulation and/or spam.

Upon manual review by Twitter team members, accounts that meet the requirements will receive the blue checkmark.

The Gold Checkmarks

Gold checkmarks now distinguish businesses and individuals on Twitter. The old Twitter verification system automatically converted blue check marks to gold. According to Esther Crawford, Twitter’s product lead, more businesses will be able to apply for gold checkmarks. While the Blue Verified program is still available to business accounts, they will temporarily receive the blue checkmark.

Being Verified on Twitter

An “official” label will be applied to the following types of accounts, along with their blue or gold checkmark:

  • Government accounts
  • Political organizations 
  • Commercial companies & business partners
  • Major brands
  • Media outlets & publishers
  • Other public figures

Although Musk stated that government accounts would receive a gray checkmark to set them apart from individuals and businesses, that update has yet to be released.

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