The Difference Between An H1 and A Page Title

The page title and H1 tag are very similar, so you may wonder what the difference is. These aspects of your website and SEO strategy significantly improve your online appearance. Learn more about H1 tags and page titles, how they are similar, and how they differ from each other below.

What Is A Page Title?

Page titles, also known as title tags, are displayed in the browser of the tab on your webpage. These page titles are also shown on the search results page after you search for target keywords on search engines like Google. These page titles are intended to tell both Google and the user what your page is about. Not only do they need to be clear to a human reader, but they also should contain optimized keywords for which you are looking to rank. A good page title should be around 60 characters and focus on your targeted keyword by being concise, attractive, and creative without going overboard.

What Is An H1 Tag?

An H1 tag, also known as a Header 1 tag, is an HTML element that is intended to describe the page’s main heading. This describes what your page is about and is located towards the top of your page. This heading 1 tag is typically the first thing users will see when they land on your page, providing them with a quick introduction to the content. H1 tags are essential for SEO as they are an opportunity to signal to Google about the structure and content of your page. They boost your page’s relevance and authority while informing users who are reading it. These H1 tags can be written similarly to a page title by focusing on optimized keywords but with less character restriction.

How Do Page Titles and H1 Tags Differ?

Title tags are a part of your metadata, and H1 tags are a part of your content structure. Both seem similar and have similar importance, but their appearance to search engines may look different. The title tags are not visible on your page; they are only visible on the browser tab. H1 tags are not visible on search engine results pages or the browser tab but rather visible on the actual page instead.

Should My H1 and Page Title Be The Same?

Because H1 tags and page titles seem so similar, you may be wondering if they should be the same or different on your website. It’s always a good idea to match your page title with your H1 tag to avoid too much confusion with Google and your users. If a user sees a page title they like on their search engine results page, they will want to be sure they are getting the same information when they land on your page and see the same H1 tag. That said, a few extra characters in the H1 tag are fine to add more oomph to your webpage. Page titles are more restricted with the 60 characters to avoid too much being cut off on search engines.

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