What Is “The Customer Journey” and How Can It Help Me Optimize My Keywords?

When it comes to buying a product, a lot goes into the decision-making process that goes untalked about. Broad starter questions, comparisons, and the physical ordering process all play a part. Understanding the customer journey and what steps your prospective clients make along the way can help you target them more effectively, especially when it comes to your keywords.

The Awareness Stage

The awareness stage has more to do with drawing clients in than actually getting them to buy. Very few people jump in headfirst to buying a product as many like to ask broad questions to get a better understanding of the market. A customer in the awareness stage may already know about your product and your brand but the idea here is to provide content that draws them in. For this example, we are going to pretend to be a winter shoe distributor and talk about a person interested in buying winter shoes.

A person who is interested in buying winter shoes will most likely look at different shoe sites that sell winter shoe products and compare and contrast which ones they do and don’t like. This is where you may see a keyword phrase like “what are the best shoes for winter weather?” Having keywords that involve vague questions surrounding your product will get prospective clients looking at your site and learning more about your product.

The Consideration Stage

The consideration stage is where the audience has done preliminary research and may have a couple of options on how to solve their problem. Using keywords that give value to your product is ideal here because customers are looking for which product satisfies their needs the most. This is where you would want to use keyword phrases that talk about the benefits of your winter shoes vs. your competitors.

The Decision Stage

The last stage is the decision stage, where clients are ready to make a purchase. Here you would use words like “buy” or “order”, along with your product because of their direct intent. Customers who like your product and may want to buy it again won’t need to go through the entire customer journey process, so you want to make sure you stay engaged with the customers you already have.

Creating content around other similar products is a great way to let a customer in this stage know that you are still thinking of them. Doing things like sending them follow-up emails or promo codes lets them know you care even after they already bought your product.

The Customer Journey

The thought behind the customer journey is that you don’t want your keywords to stay the same throughout the different stages of searching and buying a product. If you can tailor your keywords to each specific stage, you can more thoroughly target customers and provide them with specific information based on which stage they are currently in.

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